Sobreviviendo – Victor Heredia (translation)

They asked how I lived, they asked me
“Merely surviving” I replied, merely surviving

I have a written poem, more than a thousand times in my verse I say
as long as someone proposes death,
over this earth
and arms are being manufactured
I will walk on these fields merely surviving
everyone in the face of danger, surviving
sad and roaming men, surviving

surviving, surviving,
surviving, surviving

It’s been ages since I’ve laughed, it has been a while
and to think that I used to laugh like a goldfinch
I have certain thoughts that upset me
and I can’t forget about Hiroshima
such a tragedy,
over this earth
Today I want to laugh if possible
I no longer have the laughter of a bird,
nor the calm of the pine trees during the month of January
I roam through this world merely surviving

Surviving, surviving
Surviving, surviving

I no longer want to be a mere survivor
I want to choose the day for my demise
I have young flesh and my blood is red
a good set of teeth and fertile seed
I want the fruit of my loins

I don’t ever want to see animals protesting for world peace
how I would laugh at such a crazy sight – that they would be marching for life
while us humans are just surviving,
merely surviving

surviving, surviving
surviving, surviving

Victor Heredia, Argentine folk singer, released this song in 1984. This is a humble translation to English of vivid metaphors.