The Travel Bug

I was on a ferry a couple of months ago in the beautiful city of Sydney.

I was in my own paradise for ten minutes as I sat outside with the wind against my face and the distant lights from the city slowly getting closer.

As I heard small waves knock against the boat, I was able to take in the beauty of everything around me.

It reminded me of travelling. I always tell me friends that it’s not the landscapes that make a trip memorable, it’s what you’re feeling at the time and those short moments you experience while doing ordinary every day activities.

Being on that ferry brought back many memories of places I have visited. At that moment I wished I was back there to retrace my steps as an older person.

That’s when I realised that when you travel you leave pieces of your heart at every place you visit. As time goes on, those pieces of your heart call to you, asking you to come back. And I believe it’s not enough to visit a place just once.

Good Times in Buenos Aires


I was lucky enough to visit Buenos Aires in 2005 and there are many great memories to look back on. Here is my experience.

Great things about the city

The city of Buenos Aires is old, elegant, big and entertaining. The biggest feature for me was that the city literally doesn’t sleep! I still talk about how I was able to eat a steak in a restaurant at 2:30am and how I bought a soccer shirt from a shop at 1:30 in the morning!

The people in Buenos Aires are very friendly to tourists and also helpful. They treat foreigners with a lot of respect and you always feel welcome. This came as a surprise to me as I was warned to receive a hostile reception for being Chilean. This myth was debunked early on in my trip! Continue reading