Getting a job and knowing when to move on

One thing I’ve noticed is that when it comes to landing a new job is that the organisation you work for will welcome you aboard the ship (so to speak). However, it’s up to you to realise when to get off. Unfortunately, you won’t receive help in that part. You’ve got to get onto your next ship on your own.

It’s been a bit tricky for me. I constantly receive contrasting advice. Recruiters tell me that I don’t have enough time built up in my current job to move on. Mentors tell me to move onto something bigger and not settle at a non-ideal place for too long.

In the end, you are in the best position to assess what to do. If you are no longer learning new skills, if there are no more challenges, if there is no space to explore your leadership qualities, if you cannot go on the training courses that you need…then perhaps you’ve given your part and done all you can in that position.

My view is that if it’s no longer fun, no longer exciting, then it would make sense to start looking elsewhere to find new challenges.

For me, the realisation came the moment I decided that I am ready to go out there and risk it. Risk failing, risk not getting the job, risk making mistakes. If you no longer feel scared about putting your reputation on the line then it’s time to pursue the career you really want.

Where have you been


My content is missing. For those of you who check into my blog from time to time, you may have noticed that these past few days, funny things have been happening.

I’ve been trying to migrate the content of my blog over to a new installation.

At the moment, this task seems harder than what it’s worth. I still have time to complete the migration but for now I will start a new path for my online presence.

I am very fond of the articles I have posted over the last two and half years. Some articles aren’t as tidy as others but it’s always good to be able to read them from time to time.

On the other hand, it would be refreshing to start again and really treat my domain as my temple.

So I’d like for you to bear with me as I attempt to bring anything across. If I don’t then it’s not the end of the world but an opportunity to take on this task(blogging) at a much more mature time of my life.

Thanks for stopping by.

November 2011