One year ago

One year ago I came off a plane and landed in Sydney. I caught a bus to Canberra and was finally home after nine months of being away.

Perhaps I came back with my tail in between my legs. It had felt like a long time away. I had no job to go to, no savings left and I was tired from the 9 months I had just lived. Nevertheless, my spirits were lifted, I saw my family again, I realised Canberra is the place for me now and I had my fiancee with me. Continue reading

Canberra Centre Car Park: Misleading Practises

If you’ve ever lived in Canberra, ACT, Australia for a substantial period of time, you’d be familiar with the Canberra Centre. It’s Canberra’s biggest shopping mall. Today, I will rant about how I got overpriced at the Canberra Centre carpark on Boxing Day, December 26, 2009.

Upon entering the Canberra Centre car park today, Saturday 26 of December 2009, I paid close attention to the Centre’s rates.  It shows the prices for normal shopping days and then at the bottom, prices for non-normal shopping days.

It clearly states that for Sundays or Public Holidays, there is flate rate of $2.

I was surprised and disappointed when upon paying for my stay today, the machine charged $5.60 for about 3 hours of parking. Now I know today is not Sunday but I’m pretty sure the 26th of December – otherwise known as Boxing Day – is a public holiday! Continue reading