Valparaiso – The first Port of Chile

Valparaiso is one of few ports that Chile has. It was the first port of the country and was discovered rather than founded. It has had its moments of success and of despair.

At one time, it was the envy of all other cities in Chile and was known as the gateway to Europe from the Americas. Over time it had gained a new nick name “La Joya del Pacifico” (the jewel of the pacific ocean).

Valparaiso has once again begun to shine as it attracts tourists from Northern America and Europe. Thanks to its UNESCO Heritage status and the cruise ships that visit in summer, Valparaiso is slowly becoming the charming port that every Chilean is so fond of.

Valparaiso’s history starts somewhere around 1536, since then, many events have shaped the city. I plan to begin a series of posts dedicated to the history and present state of Valparaiso, Chile’s first ever port and my place of birth. So stay tuned with the series.