Mediocre jobs for mediocre satisfaction

I’ve been putting off publishing this post for a while now but I think it’s important to do so. I enjoy writing positive and constructive posts but every now and then you have to be aware of the things that threaten your happiness, well being and levels of enjoyment. We’ve all had less than satisfactory jobs before (well, most of us). This following post indicates why it’s necessary to leave these jobs as quickly as possible for our own sake – global financial recession in place or not!

So why are we all here? I think it’s quite old to think that you do a job simply for the money.

Humans, being curious species, we search for more than just shelter and a bit of cash savings.

Fulfilment is the new currency nowadays. What do I mean by that?

  • We want relationships
  • We want good health
  • We want money to do the things or buy the things we desire
  • We want spirituality or faith, that offers the logic we need, to better understand the circumstances that we face
  • We want time. Free time to enjoy our spoils

This is my understanding of what comprises fulfilment in one’s life.

How can you feel fulfilled if your job doesn’t reach the same high expectations that you’ve set for the other aspects of your life? Life is about risk. Risk identification, risk mitigation and risk management. You’re taking a risk when tolerating bad working conditions (in other words, continuing in a crappy job). The risks are that the stresses involved will affect other areas of your life and eventually, decrease your levels of enjoyment. Continue reading