Business Analysis certification

To become certified as a Business Analyst, the most relevant qualifications are given by the IIBA. After roughly two and a half years of experience, you can be recognized as a BA practitioner by having a Certificate of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA). After roughly five years, you are considered a professional and duly receive Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) status.

While waiting, what can you do before achieving these certifications, or in between them? Continue reading

We don’t need BAs, business analysis is everyone’s job

I was chatting to a friend the other day who explained to me that his company does not have anyone working under a Business Analyst title. I thought to myself “that’s strange, how can an IT consulting firm negate the professional role of business analysis”. I was assured that the company has been around for more than two decades so they are obviously using a business recipe that works.

The reason why this company does not formally have any BAs is because business analysis is a process that is performed by various team members where it is needed. The solutions architect might do some business analysis. The product consultant will do some requirements gathering but he is not a BA, he is a product consultant. An enterprise architect is also responsible for some BA tasks. Continue reading

Journals and diaries – a thing of the past?

As I was cleaning the house today I noticed that up until last year (2010) I still used physical diary to take down my appointments and summarise important aspects of the day. I’ve been getting by this year on my smartphone’s calendar function alone. Considering that I bought my first smartphone in October last year, it makes sense that I had a 2010 diary.

So before deciding whether to shred it or not I had a quick look through it. What a year it was! It started off pretty poorly but ended on such a great note! I remember thinking at Christmas 2010: “I’m so pleased with what I’ve achieved this year, I don’t know how 2011 could match this”

I guess it was good to think that because 2011 definitely hasn’t disappointed. There are many things to be grateful for. Both in my personal and professional life. There’s no need to summarise them here but it’s been a grand year!

It was nice to go back through my diary. Nothing quite replaces the ability to flick through and find important notes that have gone down and left an impression on your life.