Four years on and counting

I’ve now had this blog for a little over four years. I first bought this domain in 2007 but left it with just a humble ‘under construction’ front page for almost two years. Then back in 2009, my partner suggested that I use the site to record my opinions. I’m so grateful for that advice.

So I learned how to install WordPress on my domain and within a few weeks, I was blogging with ease.

Four years on and I am pleased with how much I’ve accomplished. I have no programming knowledge or developer skills. I think it’s great that you don’t need any to run a blog these days.

It’s fantastic to read old posts and remember what things were happening in my life at the time. Back then, I hadn’t graduated from university and I was trying to  establish a business analyst career even though I was living overseas.

The purpose of this blog was to record all the things that seemed important to me and to track my career journey. It has been great to achieve all the goals I’ve set for myself since then.

My posts have become less frequent but the content I have to share nowadays is what I wanted all along. It’s good to know I have this blog next to me all the time to share snippets of time throughout my life.

I hope you enjoy reading this content. I recommend blogging to anyone. It’s a great pastime.

The 3 real reasons to why I blog

  1. To learn about setting up a website. Despite not knowing how to program, I was able to learn how to run a Content Management System (CMS) with little if any assistance.
  2. To establish an internet presence in case anyone wanted to learn more about me. Better they learn through what I publish than to not find anything or content that is not flattering.  I allow people to get a picture of what type of person I am without needing to meet me.
  3. To practise expressing my thoughts and opinions. I’ve always got things on my mind so it’s good to write about them. I expect my skills to improve with time.

Another benefit I have noticed from blogging is that it helps against procrastination. By writing a post, I endeavour to get it done and published so that it’s out of the way and sometimes I prepare posts in advance so that my blog remains as active as possible.

Why I Blog and What I Have to Offer

I used to think that blogs were only for IT people, writers, poets and loners or perhaps all of the above until one day…

I first registered a domain with web hosting to create a personal webpage using HTML software. Two years went by and I hadn’t done much. My girlfriend suggested that I use my website for a blog so that I could write about my ideas, opinions and get day-to-day stuff off my chest. Continue reading